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Empowering Women Exhibition*

by Kat Lynn

Friday, 8 March 2024
6:30 am
5:00 am
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Kat Lynn
Artist | Photographer
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UPDATE: With the opening night being completely sold out, the only way to see this exhibition is to visit

The Write Gallery during March 10am to 3pm, or book into a specially designed workshop,

or book in a guided tour by the artist at a time that suits both parties!

EMPOWERING WOMEN: Visual Conversations

The Write Gallery: The Lighthouse Toowoomba

126 Margaret St, Toowoomba

Friday, March 8th 2024 – Thursday, March 28th 2024 10am to 3pm


Sunday (10/3) Artist Portraits with Kat Lynn

Wednesday (13/3) School groups invited for artist floor talk

Thursday (14/3) Momentum Mental Health 'Setting Healthy Personal Boundaries'

Thursday (14/3) Empowered Costumed Life Drawing with Alex Stalling and Katy Woods

Friday (15/3) Real Life Meditation with Karen Makkai

Friday (15/3) WORDFEST presents 'In-Conversation'

Sunday (17/3) Artist Portraits with Kat Lynn

Tuesday (19/3) School groups invited for artist floor talk

Thursday (21/3) Work Force Positive Pay conversation 'You ARE Worth it!'

Friday (22/3) Money Stories with Melissa Meagher

Saturday (23/3) Book Launch and author talk with Chris Morris

Monday (25/3) Lunchtime Yoga with Angela Fa from Best by Fa

Wednesday (27/3) School groups invited for artist floor talk

Empowering Women: Visual Conversations is a photography exhibition highlighting the courage, strength, and determination of women in the local community, with the goal of sharing stories of resilience and inspiring other women to find their inner voice.


Supporting each story will be the artist’s reflection—an insight into the emotional and mental processes when photographing such raw and profound emotion. The concept is based on the premise that everyone has a story to tell, and it is the tapestry of these stories that make up our communities. Our stories have the power to transform our thinking and bring people of all walks of life together.


The project will include hero images displayed alongside projected video and audio. Written text will be displayed on plinths beside each hero image to complete the “conversation”. Online blogs will house the complete stories.


The title has intentionally maintained a level of both juxtaposition and harmony. The push-pull nature of a “visual conversation” echoes similar contrast to the strength in weakness that each of these women has shown. Meanwhile, the use of “empowering” here is homonymous—these women have both empowered themselves and will empower others. The exhibition plays on this dance of meaning even more by drawing on multiple sensory mediums in an effort to immerse each individual in the moment—first tragedy, then triumph as they journey through each woman’s re-telling.   

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