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Intertwined Community Weave

Experiential Workshops

Monday, 10 April 2023
11:00 pm
7:00 am
Hello Baby Art Drawing Competition Poster.png
Taryn Walker and Shannan Jackwitz
Taryn Walker and Shannan Jackwitz are two immensely creative souls (and sisters!)
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A remarkably powerful exhibition opened on the 10 March and combined ceramics and fibre, two of the oldest technologies that continue to hold an intrinsic position in all our lives today. Both are profound metaphors for understanding ourselves, the universe, and how we as humans are woven into its delicate fibres. The community 'weave' is a visual representation of our community, who we are, and where we sit together in this ever-evolving art installation we call life. The exhibition finished on the 5th April, and now the space is dedicated as a workshop / meeting / event space and the community is invited to contribute to the hero installation until the end of May. 

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