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Opening Night

Botanicals by Tarn McLean

Friday, 2 September 2022
7:00 am
10:00 am
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Dr Tarn McLean
Dr Tarn McLean is an artist and designer holding a Doctor of Philosophy in Visual Art from the University of Southern Queensland. Her work departs from a highly disciplined practice embedded in early to mid 20th Century Geometric Abstract painting to the design of space and architecture, including wall painting and public art as well as textile, wallpaper and accessory design.
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Tarn’s work focuses on storytelling through different flora and fauna. A mix of paintings displaying botanicals from the zodiacs; Indigenous Sandalwood blossom reflecting traditional smoking ceremonies of First Nations people; and a decorative fabric collection based on native wildlife from the seven continents and countries around the world.

There really is something for everyone in this artistic cultural celebration depicted through nature. With over 35 paintings, 22 fabric designs, a video installation and drawing workshops for children and adults, both young and old will be intrigued and inspired by the unique displays.

Tarn says the exhibition is designed to ignite identity in her audience, “botanicals are more than an artists’ colour delight, they have stories and cultural histories that hold meanings which connect us all, to our earth and to each other.”

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