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The Zine Scene Term 2

Drawing and Writing and Creating (12-15 year olds)

Tuesday, 18 April 2023
5:30 am
7:00 am
Hello Baby Art Drawing Competition Poster.png
Bronte Geitz
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Are you 12-14 years old and do you love craft? These workshops are part collage, part writing, part drawing and one page at a time you will learn how to make your own zine? Wonderfully inclusive for the student who needs a boost with their writing skills and equally useful for the abundant writer!

Did you know a Zine is a tiny magazine! How cool is that right? It can be filled with all types of articles, images and stories, you name it! If you are ready to get creative and let your inner editor-in-chief skills fly, then it's time to get publishing with us (no experience required, just your commitment to have FUN!)

These workshops are free and we know you will deeply respect the commitment is for 8 whole weeks. 

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