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Toowoomba's Place for Creativity

Welcome to
The Lighthouse Toowoomba

The Lighthouse Toowoomba supports our vibrant community's existing organisations who work with children in crisis, by offering FREE wildly inventive literacy-based workshops. 


Located in the CBD, it is a place for creativity with a dedicated youth writers centre for children; workshop spaces for creative pursuits for adults; a gift shop for those little things that you can't find elsewhere; and an experiential art gallery with regularly changing immersive exhibitions; as well as the One-Way Library where we accept donations of loved and adored children's books to re-home! 

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World Building Term 4 *

Sci-Fi and Fantasy Writing
10 October 2023
7:00 am

Beyond Illustration & Art *

Terese Eglington Term 4
8-12 year olds
5 October 2023
5:45 am

Little Twinkles Book Club *

Babies and Toddlers Welcome
Under 5's
11 July 2023
11:30 pm

Regular events include:

  • Twinkles Book Club for Toddlers Wednesday and Friday 9:30am to 10:30am (during the school term) 

  • Write Friday - Queensland Writers Centre - Friday 10am to 2pm  

  • School visits are always welcome, especially whilst there is an exhibition in The Write Gallery! 

Would you like to make a tax-deductible* contribution?

The Lighthouse Toowoomba is a registered charity. Your gift helps us give children in our community free wildly inventive literacy based workshops to inspire and ignite their imaginations.  Choose an amount and you will be directed to the Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal and our NFP Fundraising Account so you are assured gifts of $2 and more are tax-deductible in Australia.

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