Workshop space
for shared storytelling

for Hire

As a charitable institution and a not-for-profit all proceeds go towards supporting the ongoing work of The Lighthouse Toowoomba and the workshops to inspire young minds, we are not just any event space - we are a space for young creatives to learn, grow, and create.

To support this goal, we ask that all clients that hire the space(s) consider gifting their time to either hold a workshop for children or support a volunteer initiative. This ensures that we share skills and passions across all age groups and ensure young people have a wealth of access to potential role models, inspirations, and ideas.

Similarly, if you believe your exhibition can be tied into the greater goal of The Lighthouse Toowoomba, we are willing to negotiate rental of the space in exchange for programming opportunities which meet our strategic goals and obligations.

For any enquiries, please email Emily MacManus 

Tumble down The Rabbit Hole and find a space to create. We have a light-filled space with high ceilings,. There is also a boardroom ready to go for any round table meetings.


The Write Gallery is the most stunning blank space to showcase your event.  If there is an exhibition in situ, all the better to create a truly memorable event.


The Birds Nest has multiple furnished offices for hire, with your own private key and to become your own office as part of the precinct.

The Den:  

A hot desk for writers needing to step away from life for a moment, or podcasters needing a little quiet time. With it's own entry and a key for you to come and go as you please, this is an ideal short-term space to work.

Podcasting for everyone.jpeg