International Alliance of Youth Writers Centres

The International Alliance of Youth Writing Centers was conceived in the summer of 2018, when about 20 youth writing labs from around the world convened in Amsterdam. The leaders of these centres agreed there was a need to unite under one loose banner, while of course remaining independent. It wouldn't be a burdensome central bureaucracy, but rather an acknowledgement that all share a mission and, wherever possible, work together on international projects to multiply the effect any of our centres could enjoy on our own.


State School

The Lighthouse Toowoomba is in a very proud partnership with Rockville State School, providing unique opportunities focused on storytelling, books, and support to the incredibly dedicated team of stafff. 

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Book Links Qld

Book Links mission is to link people and groups throughout the community with stories and experiences to build literacy and learning, so as to enrich lives. The Lighthouse Toowoomba contributes our vibrant, imaginative and artistic spaces to nurture children, whilst demonstrating we value stories and their creators. We also help them in their endeavour to create events for the community and promote authors, illustrators and storytellers for children and young people. 




Australia’s literary past, present and future are preserved in the National Centre, through the stories that touched our hearts and stirred our imaginations as children.

It documents and shares the creative process and inspires the next generation

of readers with research collections, exhibitions and outreach activities.


Mort's Mates Mort & Co

Mort & Co

From humble beginnings, Mort & Co has evolved to become Australia's largest privately-owned beef cattle lot feeding, management and marketing company - and is a major supporter of The Lighthouse Toowoomba. With their generous support, in the first year of operation for TLHT, enough money was raised for 57 workshops - or a years worth of content!  Mort & Co was re-established in 1997 by Charlie Mort following the earlier registration of the company by his relative, Thomas Sutcliffe Mort, in 1843.  



Motamo collaborates with writers, teachers, and workshop presenters from around the globe to create a body of work for a biennale of children's literature in Belgium.    

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