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Resources that empower children to navigate their future
through story

The Youth 
Writers Centre

... is the reason the entire operation we refer to as 'The Lighthouse Toowoomba' even exists!


It is a space dedicated to children and youth, where they can learn skills to enhance their literacy and literature, ensuring they can then navigate their future through story.   


It is how we deliver on our mission to ensure every child in Australia reads with confidence - one child at a time! We provide an inspiring space to set minds on fire, with an ongoing list of challenging workshops for all ages. 

Special Projects

Wiimali lives in Toowoomba, and spends his days roaming the country with his friends. When they discover a grass fire started by a bolt of lightning, their perfect day quickly changes.

This remarkable book has been created by children from Harlaxton State School with The Child Writes Fund, and explores the ideas of place, of connection, and finding your voice in just in time to make a difference.

One-Way Library

Humboldt’s bookshelf is your bookshelf! Free books available to keep for as long as you need them.


Wiimali was created by a team of children from Harlaxton State School. 1000 copies have been printed with a donation from The FKG Group. It is distributed for free to children in Toowoomba. To learn more, click the image for for a full media package by David Iliffe.

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