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For Visual Story Telling 

The Write 

Welcome to The Write Gallery, and its revolving calendar of exhibitions and shows, which aim to make imagination a destination, curiosity a way of life, and play an essential to understanding. 

Exhibitors are encouraged to consider school groups and hosting activities, workshops, and events under their exhibition. 

The Write Gallery also supports a vibrant seasonal art market in Autumn and Winter 2024

February 2024 The Tree of Ecstasy and Unbearable Sadness - Matt Ottley

The Tree of Ecstasy and Unbearable Sadness is a masterful allegorical tale for the 21st century, weaving together the worlds of literature, music, and visual arts in the poignant story of one boy's journey into mental illness.  The narrative unfolds around the metaphor of a tree growing within the boy, whose flower is ecstasy, and who fruit is sadness. This luminous, multi-faceted work is inspired by the experiences of Matt Ottley, who has lived with mental illness all his life, and has been hospitalised on numerous occasions in mental health facilities. Matt's aim is to offer a sensory insight through words, music, and images into the experiences of those who suffer from such debilitating illnesses, particularly psychosis. This exhibition is for children aged +15, and adults.

 Matt Ottley (Facebook Cover).png
March 2024 Empowering Women
Kat Lynn

Empowering Women: Visual Conversations Exhibition, an event aiming to amplify the voices of women who have overcome adversity, inspiring others to find their own inner strength.  The exhibition stems from a personal journey of overcoming silencing and finding identity. It captures the stories of women who, despite immense challenges, have emerged stronger. Themes include mental health, LGBTQI+, disability, and youth at risk. The exhibition aims to create a chorus of empowered female voices, and provides a platform for women to share their stories, breaking down barriers for women, inspiring others to believe in their own narrative, fostering community and mentorship opportunities and creating dialogue on vital issues.

Empowering Women save the
April 2024  Cultural Kaleidoscope
You add the colour!

The exhibition aims to bring story-telling from around the globe, and using children’s picture books as a conversation-starter to explore different cultures norms and traditions and sensibilities. Islander culture, Asia, Aboriginal and Torres Straits, India, and the universal story of refugees will feature, with elders available like a Living Library, loads of activities for children, bringing the community together, one great book at a time 😊

CULTURAL KALEIDOSCOPE (Banner Landscape)-2.png
May 2023 The Seasonal Art Market

We are thrilled to present to you something truly special: The Seasonal Art Market at The Write Gallery. This unique collective art exhibition aims to foster collaboration in our creative community.


For a period of 20 days, The Write Gallery is transformed into a vibrant hub of artistic expression. Each season will feature multiple talented artists, coming together to create a diverse and collaborative event. We believe that the synergy of multiple artistic voices will enrich the overall experience for both artists and visitors alike.

 Autumn Art Market Facebook Cover.png
June 2024 Lucia Mascuillo
Eat My Dust!

Step into the captivating world of "Eat My Dust". This heartwarming children's book transcends traditional narratives, shining a spotlight on the remarkable contributions women have made throughout history. Through a collection of vibrant and engaging images, the exhibition takes viewers on a journey through time, unveiling the often-overlooked stories of inspiring women who have left an indelible mark on the world. We look forward to commemorating this empowering literary gem, where each image tells a powerful story of resilience, determination, and the countless ways in which women have shaped the course of history. Exhibition open 1 - 30 June

Eat My Dust (Facebook Cover).png
July 2024 First Nations Arts + Culture Collective

More information coming soon.

Publication1 3version.jpg
August 2024 The Seasonal Art Market

Hosted exclusively by The Toowomba Art Group - this special Seasnal Art Market is one not to be missed.

Winter Art Market   (Facebook Cover).png
September 2024 Anna Battle

More information coming soon

Anna Battle (Facebook Cover).png
October 2024 Kim Walmsley

More information coming soon

Kim Walmsley (Facebook Cover).png
November 2024 Nadine Reynolds

More information coming soon

Nadine Reynolds (Facebook Cover).png
The Seasonal Art Market

Artists unite! In a frenzy of collective collaboration, celebrating artist diversity. The Seasonal Art Market is a fundraiser for The Lighthouse to support free workshops for children. Secure your 'wall' to sell your work. 'Wallholders' not stallholders! 

Seasonal Art Market EOI (Facebook Post (Landscape)) (Facebook Cover).png
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