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For Visual Story Telling 

The Write 

Welcome to The Write Gallery, and its revolving calendar of exhibitions and shows which aim to make imagination a destination, curiosity a way of life, and play an essential to understanding. 

March 2023 Intertwined
Taryn Walker + Shannan Jackwitz

A remarkably powerful exhibition combining ceramics and fibre, two of the oldest technologies that continue to hold an intrinsic position in all our lives today. Both are profound metaphors for understanding ourselves, the universe, and how we as humans are woven into its delicate fibres. Intertwined is a visual representation of who we are, and where we sit together in this ever-evolving art installation we call life. The exhibition continues until 5th April, then the space will be dedicated to workshops as the community is invited to contribute to the hero installation in workshops until the end of May. 

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June 2023 Birds of a Feather
Terese Eglington
Benny Bin Chicken and his feathered friends are gathering at The Write Gallery for an exciting exhibition of the inspiration behind Benny’s curious character and other birdlife we encounter in our lives. The curious, the fascinating, the personalities of these significantly symbolic creatures is captured in a variety of art media to enhance our appreciation of the bird culture.
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First Nations Art+Culture

2023 National NAIDOC Week theme is For Our Elders. Across every generation, our Elders have played, and continue to play, an important role and hold a prominent place in our communities and families.

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July 2023 The Journey of An Art Therapist
Momentum Mental Health
Art therapy is an evidence based treatment approach that integrates psychotherapeutic techniques with the creative process to improve wellbeing. Upwards of 120 people have been attending and creating works in the Art Therapy sessions at Momentum for the last year, and following on from the success of the 2022 exhibition, we are back!  
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August 2023 Dreamscapes+Elementals
Dreamscapes and Elementals is a collaboration between six talented artists, and the exhibition is designed to delight as well a challenge the viewer. There will be art for purchase, as well as truly unique experiences in the form of workshops with the artists.
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September October 2023 The Secret Life of Seedpods by Chelsea Baker
A stunning showcase of nature embellished with the gentle sensitivity of the artist, the Queen of Seedpods, Chelsea Baker. "I aim to uncover the unseen and disregarded treasures in nature that are often overlooked in daily life. My work serves to advocate that there is hidden beauty in nature that can come from unusual and forgotten places."  This exhibition will not be easily forgotten!
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November 2023 Mr Chippa
Lee FullARTon

Mr Chippa The Woodblock Caver of Bagru is a children’s picture book created from hand carved woodblocks and handprinted using traditional print practices. The exhibition provides an opportunity for all but particularly children to engage and participate in an experience of viewing that embraces understanding of the world around them, diversity and empathy in a joyful and meaningful way. 

Lee has combined art, design and culture in this wonderfully engaging exhibition with illustrations, puppets and an insight into the creative process.

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The Seasonal Art Market
Artists unite! In a frenzy of collective collaboration, celebrating artist diversity. The Seasonal Art Market is a fundraiser for The Lighthouse to support free workshops for children. Secure your 'wall' to sell your work. 'Wallholders' not stallholders! 
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